Shampoos That Are Best For Thinning Or Aging Hair

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Whether you're a man or a woman, excessive hair loss can be a devastating blow to one's self-esteem and confidence, particularly during their formative years. Though nobody wants to face it, this condition is fairly common, even among women.

Hair loss is a natural process, much like the leaves on a tree. We all lose between 50-150 strands of hair every day, some when washing or brushing. But when the hair loss is more noticeable, it could be an indication that your scalp and hair follicles need extra attention and care.

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The Facts About Hair Thinning

As we age, thinning hair can begin to happen at any age, even as early as childhood. While it's most common at 50+, many people have been misled to believe that visible thinning is simply a part of the aging process. But that doesn't have to be the case! There are resources available to help you maintain a healthy head of hair, even in your later years.

The causes of thinning hair can be vastly different depending on the individual. For some, it is an inherited trait, while others may experience it due to stress or a hormonal imbalance linked to their thyroid. Others may lack essential vitamins and minerals, such as B12 and biotin, that are necessary for healthy, strong hair. Itchy scalp psoriasis can also be a culprit, causing large amounts of hair loss along with dead skin patches. Those with overly oily scalps may find their hair follicles become clogged and dirty, resulting in weakened follicles that cannot nourish and maintain the hair strands.

Don't fret – there are plenty of effective and economical shampoo products that can help slow thinning, add volume and bounce to hair, strengthen hair follicles and even promote healthy new growth. Such products can greatly reduce the severity of the thinning and make your hair look amazing! Just bear in mind that if you have any underlying medical conditions, it's essential to get professional advice from a dermatologist before you start using a shampoo, so that it can work properly.

Discover the best and highest rated shampoos to help fight thinning hair. With sustained use and in a short period of time, many satisfied customers swear by these shampoos and their ability to restore hair volume and increase your confidence.

Nioxin System 4- Cleanser For Thin Hair

If you're a regular hair-dyer, this formula is the one for you! It has a powerful mix of nettle root extract, niacin, biotin, B vitamins and saw palmetto, designed to sweep away dirt, debris and oil that can clog hair follicles. Too much oil can be a sign of dihydroxy testosterone, aka 'DHT', which is a major factor in hair loss, especially among women with hormonal issues.

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Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

This invigorating cleansing treatment is the ideal preventative shampoo to keep your hair strong and healthy. The powerful combination of ingredients, including a DHT-inhibitor that penetrates deep into the scalp and follicles, provides a keratin amino complex to fortify the hair and reduce the risk of breakage. The ultimate reward is stronger, softer hair with improved texture and noticeable growth.

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Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo

Are you longing for glossy, healthy hair? Don't worry, Oribe has you covered! Their strengthening formula will breathe new life into your hair, nourishing the roots with all the healing goodness of cypress, argan, and maracuja extracts and oils. The brand's special bio-restorative complex will restore balance to your scalp, while reinforcing the inner strength of each hair strand.

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Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo

This formula is the perfect everyday solution for all hair types! Our exclusive Antrel Complex, made with clinically-tested ingredients from natural sources, works to give your hair a fuller look. Plus, with nourishing and strengthening Biotin, keratin, and zinc, your hair will stay healthy and strong.

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Bosley BosRenew Scalp Scrub

If you want to have healthy, strong hair, it all starts with a thorough cleanse at the scalp. Bamboo charcoal can help clear away clogged pores and sebum that could be blocking new hair growth, and rosemary leaf extract offers antioxidant protection for your hair and scalp. Make sure to get a deep cleanse right at the root for the best results!

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Final Thoughts

We can all agree that hair is the crown of beauty and youth. Many of us strive for a full, thick head of hair and if you're starting to experience hair thinning, don't despair - it's completely reversible and treatable. You may have to be patient, as it can take a week or two for visible improvements to take effect, but if you persist, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of a lusciously healthy head of hair.

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