Medical Alert Systems Best For Seniors In 2022

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As more and more seniors strive to keep their independence by living in their own homes, retirement facilities have become a popular option due to the assurance of onsite and continuous medical care they provide. Now, with the help of this innovative technology, seniors can stay in the comfort of their own homes and still receive the medical protection they need.

Medical alert systems offer seniors and their loved ones invaluable peace of mind. If a fall, accident, or sudden illness occurs and the senior is unable to reach a phone or is unconscious, the system is able to quickly summon help. Upon activation, a professional monitoring agent will assess the situation and take the necessary steps to ensure that the senior receives the assistance they need.

Be prepared for any situation. Medical alert systems provide seniors with a sense of security and peace of mind. In addition to a call for help button on the main unit, many systems come with a wearable unit that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. This allows seniors to summon help even if they can't get to the main unit. Many systems even come with a two-way speaker built-in to the portable help button unit and a “fall detection” feature that will automatically call for help if it senses a fall. With 25% of all seniors experiencing a fall each year, having this extra layer of protection can be invaluable. Find the best medical alert systems and monitoring services now with the companies listed below.

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This company offers a unique monitoring service with personnel who speak virtually every major language, providing seniors who are not native English speakers with a blessing. Along with this, their other features include:

The wearable units boast an impressive 30-day battery life!

Take advantage of great savings when paying annually or quarterly!

No sneaky or surprise fees!

Tailored emergency responses

A wide array of extras and equipment to choose from!

Take advantage of our monthly plans, ranging from $29 to $59, which include all the necessary equipment and monitoring services you need!

Bay Alarm Medical

Experience the unbeatable value of Bay Alarm! With state-of-the-art technology and ultra-low prices, you won't find a better deal anywhere else. And their portable units are so small and lightweight, you'll barely notice they're there - but you'll certainly appreciate their convenience and discretion. Plus, you get all these great features:

Cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment

• Price-lock guarantee

No surprise fees!

is available.Take advantage of our 30-day risk-free trial and experience the friendly benefits for yourself!

• Customizable packages

is availableIf desired, you can upgrade to the exciting “Smartwatch” system!

For just $20 each month, you can have a basic system with the added benefit of Fall Detection for only an extra $10! Your purchase also includes all necessary equipment and monitoring services.


Lively stands apart by providing cell phones with a built-in medical alert, enabling seniors to remain safe and connected while on the move. This company's other outstanding features include:

are availableEnhanced health and safety features are available for an even greater level of protection!

A flip phone is now available!

are becoming more popularInexpensive cell phones are becoming increasingly sought-after.

AARP members get amazing discounts!

• Senior-friendly phones

No long-term commitments or hidden costs - cancel anytime without penalty!

Discover our competitively priced services, ranging from $20 to $40 per month, and our selection of equipment that starts at just $50 and goes up to $150.

Medical Alert

Medical Alert's mobile app offers loved ones an unprecedented level of convenience and control straight from their smartphone. Not only can they view the user's call history and device status, but they can also create testing schedules, build an emergency contact list and check the user's location. Furthermore, the app provides other helpful features, such as...

No additional charges!

• Location tracking

Experience our friendly 30-day risk-free trial today!

Create your own personalized emergency response plans!

• Simple setup

Take advantage of our huge savings when you sign up for our annual payment plan!

Take advantage of our pricing, ranging from $23 to $43 per month, which includes both service and equipment. Plus, for an additional $10 per month, you can enjoy the added safety of our Fall Detection feature!


MobileHelp's innovative two-in-one systems offer seniors and their partners or roommates an affordable way to stay safe. Plus, with the added benefits of their "MobileHelp Touch" system - including medication reminders and other health and safety features - you can have peace of mind.

A wide selection of equipment is available for you to choose from!

Experience our friendly 30-day risk-free trial today!

Experience the convenience of touchscreen systems with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology!

Most systems come with two convenient wearable help button units, so you can always get the help you need right at your fingertips!

Enjoy our competitive prices of just $20-$65 per month, with the added bonus of Fall Detection for only an extra $10 per month - all service and equipment included!

One Call Alert

One Call Alert guarantees one of the most competitive rates for in-home protection available! Their In-Home Wireless system boasts a remarkable base-to-button coverage range of 1,300 feet, providing comprehensive protection throughout your entire home, as well as in the yard or balcony.

For those looking for an economical way to safeguard their home, this is an excellent option!

Perfect for couples or roommates!

This is the perfect option for seniors who don't require complex technology!

Seniors who live in multi-story homes can benefit greatly from this!

Unlock the potential of your safety with our unbeatable prices! For only $20 - $45 per month, you can receive the necessary equipment and service needed to stay safe. For an additional $10 per month, you can also get Fall Detection – giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


QMedic provides the most advanced and cutting-edge activity monitoring technology in every package. Not only does it track the user's behavior, but it also sends real-time alerts to their loved ones if their activity or sleeping patterns become abnormal. Plus, it includes additional features such as:

You won't pay a dime in equipment costs!

Say goodbye to long-term commitments!

Discover the mobile GPS system that's water-resistant and ready to go with you wherever your adventures take you!

Caregivers can stay connected and informed with real-time dashboard updates and mobile alerts sent to their loved ones.

Enjoy up to 14 days of battery life with this mobile system!

Enjoy access to equipment and activity monitoring starting at just $25 per month! With prices ranging up to $34, you’ll be able to stay connected and informed.

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