Benefits Of Infrared Sauna For Seniors

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After a long, tiring day, why not treat yourself to a combo of relaxation and healing? Unwind with a soothing soundtrack, a peaceful yoga session or an indulgent massage. But if you're looking for something a little extra, why not try an infrared sauna? It offers the perfect balance of relaxation and therapeutic healing.

For thousands of years, cultures from around the globe have sought out saunas for rejuvenation. Now, medical professionals and researchers have found that Infrared Saunas (IS) provide an array of mental and physical health benefits for all individuals, particularly seniors. Unlike traditional saunas, which require a scorching temperature of between 150-195F, IS releases a milder heat of between 110-135F which is generated by light and is much kinder on the body. This means that there is much less risk of dehydration or deliriousness.

Experience the ultimate in infrared sauna therapy with the three distinct levels of IS strength. Near, Mid, and Far infrared light penetrates your skin, muscles, blood vessels and other tissues to provide natural, rejuvenating warmth and healing - just like a traditional sauna! Plus, reports show that infrared saunas are safe and without any negative side effects, when used correctly and responsibly.

Discover the amazing benefits that infrared saunas can bring to seniors! From improved circulation and joint pain relief to decreased stress and improved sleep, find out the top reasons why seniors should consider using infrared saunas.

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Reduced Blood Pressure

Saunas of all types are proving to be a valuable way to improve blood flow and circulation. New research is also showing a strong correlation between sauna use and decreased blood pressure in those with hypertension. A 2009 study focused on far infrared sauna usage showed promising effects on systolic hypertension. Even though the research is limited, it demonstrates that sauna use could be an effective, natural way to lower blood pressure.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

The promising research findings of reduced blood pressure, weight loss, and stress relief associated with far infrared saunas sparked interest among researchers to further explore its potential heart health benefits.

A fascinating study conducted by Finnish researchers uncovered the incredible health benefits of sauna use. Those who frequented a 175-degree sauna four to seven times a week had the lowest risk of death from cardiovascular disease and stroke. On average, the men spent 14 minutes per visit to the sauna.

A recent study explored the potential benefits of regular far infrared sauna use amongst men with coronary risk factors. The results were promising, suggesting that this form of treatment can be beneficial in helping to combat atherosclerosis, a potentially serious inflammatory disease of the arteries.

Body Detoxification

Sweating is one of the body's most natural and effective means of detoxification. Not only does it help clear out pores, it also helps to flush out toxins from our livers, intestines, and kidneys. A 2012 review published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health revealed that sweat contains a variety of chemicals, such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. So if you want to give your body a good detox, it's time to break a sweat!

A recent study published in the same journal highlighted that inducing sweating could be an effective way to eliminate BPA - a chemical toxin that can have detrimental impacts on human health.

Pain And Stress Relief

Infrared saunas may be the key to faster muscle recovery after exercise! Studies have found that using this type of sauna after intense workouts can reduce pain and inflammation. Even more, a small study conducted in Finland on ten men demonstrated that these saunas can help muscles heal and recover after both strength and endurance training.

A sauna provides a peaceful retreat from the noise and distractions of everyday life. Sitting in one can be immensely calming and restorative - so much so that it has been scientifically proven to improve your mental and physical health. It is also an ideal opportunity to practice mindful activities such as meditation and deep breathing, which can further help to reduce stress levels.

Better Management Of Chronic Conditions

Incredible as it may seem, doctors and researchers have discovered that IS can provide a plethora of advantages, including pain relief, to those suffering from chronic medical conditions.

A recent study of women suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome revealed the life-changing effects of Waon therapy. Those who received the thermal treatment reported a decrease in pain, improved mood, reduced anxiety, depression, and fatigue. This therapeutic sauna is revolutionizing the treatment of long-term fatigue.

According to a 2009 study, far infrared saunas may offer a unique and enjoyable way for people with type 2 diabetes to improve their health. This groundbreaking study found that regular use of an infrared sauna could reduce blood pressure and waist circumference. Furthermore, the author of the study suggested that people are more likely to stay on track with an enjoyable plan that includes a relaxing infrared sauna session, rather than a restrictive and tedious lifestyle change.

Frequent saunas may help protect against respiratory problems! According to a study in the European Journal of Epidemiology, middle-aged men who took regular "air baths" had a decreased risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and pneumonia.

Discover how far infrared saunas may offer relief to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and ankylosing spondylitis (AS)! A recent study concluded that infrared treatment had no adverse health effects and provided a significant short-term beneficial effect to those with these conditions.

Final Thoughts

To stay healthy and safe, it's essential to drink plenty of water before and after using an infrared sauna. That being said, pregnant women, those on medicines, and those under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not use infrared saunas.

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